Why do we all wait so anxiously for the weekend? This is more of a philosophical discussion than anything. A lot of people go through life Monday to Friday just grinding (and I mean grinding in the sense of grinding gears, not putting in the time and working towards a goal) with the hopes that on Saturday and Sunday they can just turn their brains off and finally “live”. But really why do we do this to ourselves?

Let’s break this down to the basics. If you’re lucky you have 80ish years on this planet that’s 29,200 days… that’s it. Bummer I know. Most people will work 5 days a week for about 45 of those years. That’s 11,732 days. Days that you are treating as if they are lost to you. If you’re still with me and doing the math, you are essentially treating over a 1/3 of your life as “waste”. Why?

There are two types of people in this world. People who view “work” as an obligation, who go in day in, day out with the mentality that all this is just a means to an end. “I just need to pay my bills” “This is just how life works”. The rarer of our species see work as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow. An opportunity to play the game.

The truth is that one of the fundamental needs of the human spirit is progress and growth. Unfortunately, a large number of people just see work from that “lost time” viewpoint. It’s kind of silly if you think about it. Remember we are talking literally a 1/3 of your life on this planet. You’re going to burn through those days anyway so why are you treating them like a chore?

Embrace them, turn them from a chore into an opportunity. The opportunity to try different things, to grow, to learn. Look we all want to live the ultimate dream life. Living life on our own terms and not just a drone plugged into the construct of this monotonous work/life balance BS. So now, I mean right now I want you to evaluate your weekends. I mean really put your “earned off time” into context.

Remember that trip to the mall you made 3 weekends ago? You know the one where you bought nothing just walked around looking at stuff you have no intention on buying in the first place, just killing that time you held to such high regard Monday through Friday. How much of a thrill was that? Not what you dreamed it would be was it.

Look we all want to kick back on a beach and watch the tides roll in, but how do we expect to actually get there when we spend our lives in a contestant cycle of waiting for our routinely scheduled “me time”?

My advice is simple. If you have a business, turn up the heat NOW! You have the time, you’re just throwing it away on a preconceived notion that work is an obligation. Turn your business into something you love not something you are obligated to. Feeding your unbelievable need for growth is more satisfying than that episode of Game Of Thrones will ever be, I promise you. You can kick back later, and I promise it will be so much sweeter when you do.



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